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Лирика The Split Program
1. Intro

2. Assassin Of Love


The imagination of an unrestrained dedication, without considering the consequences and the betrayal of own ideals, just to kill my thirst, fills me with hate, the temptation to dedicate myself unrestrained to cold love, is just as big as the hate for the lust of the flesh.
The lust of flesh is an assassin of love!
Why is it so hard?
(it's so damn hard)
Emotions just ain't mechanic, the question of greed, love, past, future, anger and anxiety, I don't want to live my present in the past anymore, your past determines my reality.

3. A Summerdream


The finest breeze of wind, born is the beautiful, lonely in a wide open space.
There's nothing to see of the world.
Only dream.
Lonely in a wide open space, lonely.
Just to be me, only dream.
The sun is low, the moon is high and in the middle my consciousness.
The middle of day and night, no fear, no pain, immortal for one moment.
I'm screaming up to the sky right into infinity.
Blood overruns my body, I'm tumbling down, imminent to drown in my own blood.
Nobody there to help, dead!

4. Sunday’s Words


What can ever bloom again, when the power to live is missing, dryness sows hate inside of my heart.
Fading lust, a flower made of stone, forgotten in being.
Broken of life, disintegrated of illusion.
The dread lets me feel the force of love, to refuse my power, I hate the thirst of love.
It will judge me, judge me until death.
Sunday means flesh.

5. Partisan


6. Outro


7. Suffocated In The Exhaust Of Our Machines

[Heaven Shall Burn]

Suffocated in the exhaust of our machines, as we turn our faces away, and hold our tongues driven by ignorance and greed, climatic changes, floods and quakes.
Agony of mother earth – wounds nobody will ever heal.
We produce and consume more and more, we kill and we rape again and again.
Collective suicide – our future entranced.
A sea of ashes, where deep forests grew.
On our way to the top we just left deserts behind cleaned and burned.
Barren landscapes.
Contaminated soil.
By polluting our rivers, we poison our blood.
By devastating our forest, we slaughter our souls.
The signals can't be ignored.
The time to change is long overdue.
This disease will be cured.
But our children will be the first to go.

8. No Single Inch

[Heaven Shall Burn]

I know words don't touch you anymore.
Weakness, social failure – an ancient phantom caught your hearts.
Following a leader, selling your souls, you're not above, you're so far below like sheep on the shambles, you're like tools in their hands.
Given up your existence, your dignity, you'll never take over, never again!
Raise my fist, the streets are ours.
You'll never bring it down, you will surrender.
Depression and hatred are not enough for winning this fight.
Resistance deep from inside.
It burns in our hearts.

9. The Seventh Cross

[Heaven Shall Burn]

Here we march through the snow, here we lie in the mud.
The wind aches like a thousand on my skin, my walk mechanic.
My thoughts far away, unable to act, feel numb to the distress.
I can't remember freedom, forgot all faces I loved.
No cry for help through the wire, my existence a number on my skin.
It will take all my power, my last will to live.
I hear the sirens.
Searching lights roam through the night, reports, bloodhounds and hunters – orders are clear, our tombs already dug.
Our names on the crosses.
I'm running, no looking back, no feelings at all, will I be free?
Will I be free at last?
Will I ever kiss your face again?
The sun will be mine again and I'll feel the rain, feelings return from my body.
I can't believe that I'm still alive.
Now I remember your face, your words, your smile.

10. One More Lie

[Heaven Shall Burn]
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